Welcome! Textile 2021 is ON — Sunday, October 3rd, 2021.

Same as 2019 - only different!


04 October 2021

Thanks for playing! We appreciate your support this year at Textile 2021 and hope your season remains productive. If you have any feedback pro or con, please send it our way at info@textileriverregatta.org. We particularly appreciate that you all rolled with the punches knowing that this would be an experimental year. With some luck, we'll be back at full force in 2022.

Final results can be found on our Results Page or directly at HereNOW.com. We'll be posting some photos over the next couple of days on Google Photos, so stay tuned and of course you're invited to upload your own once it's set up.

Photos from around the venue have been posted on the Photo Album page!

Let's start a little lost and found list - if you have anything to add, send it our way and we'll add it to the list:

  • Miscellaneous slings...

02 October 2021

Here's the recording of last night's Zoom C&C Meeting and Coxswains Clinic:

View on YouTube if you want to see the index of chapters and skip to certain sections.

01 October 2021

  • Hot off the presses: Download the Event Program. If you must print something, this 4-page PDF is the e-version of the Event Program we'd normally print on paper each year. It contains essential Textile info: the course map, event schedule, a little history about the Textile and a copy of our LOC rules in a tiny, tiny font.
  • Change: NO CHECK-IN on Saturday. Pick up your packets at the boathouse Sunday morning before your race 6am to 11am.

28 September 2021

The factory is closed. No more entries. We will be tweaking the event start times for better gapping but do not anticipate any changes to the order of the events.

In other news... We modified the COVID policy... MAPS are updated... Note that Saturday check-in is from 2pm to 4pm, not later in the day as it has been in year's past... The Event Program will be a virtual PDF downloadable from this space, we hope to post it by Wednesday night... The Zoom link to the C&C Meeting on Friday night at 7pm will be posted here by Thursday...

Some recent and popular email questions, answered: Yes, you can bring a food truck and kids are allowed to eat on site. Park the trailer on the boulevard but please try to hide it with your boat trailer. Detach the cab. There is no food concession except for the Dunkin across the street. Boat trailers can park on the boulevard starting Friday night, don't expect the Trailer Lot to be accessible until Saturday afternoon. Dogs on leashes are welcome but not on the docks. Follow us on Twitter @textilerr and yes that's a double-r at the end... Race calls will be made by public address around the boathouse but also on Twitter... We might have a Zoom session open all day Sunday if possible, stay tuned.

23 September 2021

We hit the regatta cap of 300 entries yesterday. And we've heard from a few of you asking about additional entries. We are currently considering an increase in the cap, but it's not entirely up to us. If you were hoping to register your entries and were blocked from doing so, you need to write to us at info@textileriverregatta.org ASAP and specifically list the events and number of entries you are seeking. If we are able to raise the cap, you will receive a reply email instructing you to enter your entries into the wait list for each event, and we will pull entries from the wait list so that we can honor the limitations of any new cap. This will all be happening in the next day or two, and it's fairly certain that if we haven't heard from you by Friday night it will be too late - we're not going back for a second bite at the apple once we have asked for one cap extension.

20 September 2021

We've slightly tweaked the order of events to accommodate two hot seat requests. The window for any future considerations is closing rapidly.

07 September 2021

We've posted our COVID-19 SAFETY POLICY. Please read it early and often. If we modify it, that will be noted at the top of the policy.

01 September 2021

We are about to send out an email to all friends of Textile that says the following about this year's regatta:

  1. We're limiting the number of events. The goal here is to only offer events that have had regular popularity in years past.  Gone are the days where we might run an event as a special favor to a club just to give some crews a run down the river.  We're still nice people, but this was an easy one to give away.
  2. We're capping the number of entries in some races.  Some very popular Junior events are being capped to max 1 entry per school. If you would normally expect to run 6 boats in the Junior 8+ event, we're pretty sure that won't be possible this year. In addition, the entire regatta is being capped at 300 entries, so we reserve the right to adjust the per-race caps if the entire regatta cap is not hit. If your club typically only runs fours or eights, consider joining the fours into an eight or splitting an eight into fours so that you can enter up to 8 events for boys and girls, fours and eights, "A" and "B".
  3. The C&C meeting will be held on Zoom at 7:00 PM on FRIDAY NIGHT before the regatta.  THERE WILL BE NO PLACE TO ATTEND IN PERSON - ZOOM ONLY!  It will be recorded and posted on the website.  By eliminating the time taken on Sunday morning for the C&C meeting, we can make first call on race-day at 7:15 and the first race will run at 8:00 am instead of 8:30. With this, we hope to have the last event run by approximately 1:00pm in the afternoon. This small change will result in a shorter day for everyone and less exposure to all the elements.  We will post the talking points before the meeting, and we'll take questions during the meeting and include them as part of the posted recording.
  4. The Beach Launch Area will be CLOSED and Beach Launching is NOT PERMITTED. The City of Lowell has permanently blocked all boulevard parking below the beach, and so all boats are to launch from the main docks at the Boathouse. The Beach Launch Area is only available as an emergency evacuation site this year.
  5. The Rourke Ramp "SDAFL" Launch Area will be CLOSED this year. If you're counting along at home, that's TWO launch locations that are not available this year and since we only have three total, that means that all boats will launch from the main Boathouse docks. With social distancing and masks...
  6. The course will be open for practice on Saturday before the regatta. Somewhat related to the capping of certain events, the course will be open for practice from Noon to 5:00 pm on Saturday, October 2nd.  If you bring a crew that isn't entered to race, they can at least get a run or two down the course.
  7. BRING A LAUNCH - GET A COMP.  We spend a lot of time gathering and feeding launches for the regatta.  If you would like to bring one for your Saturday practice and then make it available to us for use as a marshal boat during the race on Sunday, we will comp you one 8+ or two 4+ entries.  First come, first serve, as of this writing we could use three launches.
  8. Registration at Regatta Central is OPEN through 26 Sep. To reaffirm our capping policy, it does not make any sense to bum rush the registration process.  After caps are hit, all additional entries will go to wait list, and we will manually allow additional entries in a balanced and fair way regardless of the order in which the wait list entries were made.
  9. If you have a question, refer to the bullet numbers above and Contact Us by email.


  • Don't get married to the maps, parking or otherwise. The regatta and the venue are going to have a new shape this year. Just keep telling yourself: "Less is more". When maps are updated and become law, they'll be noted as such.


The nominal course length for official purposes is 4500m.

TRR Course Map - 2021

TRR 2009 Course Map Hi-Res JPEG

Start Area Detail and Notes - 2021

Start Line 2018

Printable PDF (8x11)

Launch Sites - 2021

SDAFL is CLOSED for Business in 2021

Beach Launch Area is CLOSED for Business in 2021

The SDAFL site shown on the map below is also known as the "Rourke Ramp Launch Site". But this year we don't have the personpower to staff this location so it will be closed. The same goes for the popular Beach Launch Area because of parking restrictions along the boulevard below the pavilion. Note that the overflow parking lot (a.k.a. 'Corp Lot') will be open for free school bus and trailer cab parking. If your bus or cab driver wants to attend the regatta, consider driving them back from the Corp Lot by car before you park in the convenient Main Lot across from the Boathouse.

  • Car Topped singles and doubles: Drop off at the grassy knoll near the bay doors of the Boathouse, then go park your car at the Main Lot across the street. Please remove your boat ASAP after your event because this area becomes congested with fours and eights that will have no respect for your precious single.
TRR 2009 Course Map

Printable in new tab

Land Traffic Patterns - 2021

Sorry, NO COURTESY BUS this year. If you are a bus or trailer driver, drop your cargo along the boulevard, follow the yellow dots to park your bus or cab in the CORP LOT and have a teammate or parent with a car bring you back to the venue before they park in the MAIN LOT (cars only, $10 all day).


Printable in new tab

Venue Map - 2021


Printable in new tab

Main Docks Close-up - 2021


Printable in new tab


Parking at the Textile

All cars must be parked in one of the two lots conveniently located near the venue ($10 on Sunday in the MAIN LOT, FREE in the CORP LOT). Handicapped parking is available on the boulevard near the Boathouse and in the HCP lot near the Beach Launch site. There are no exceptions - there are mercenary towing companies (out of our control) who are on call with free reign to tow cars that are parked on the boulevard or in other areas where they should not be. If you are tempted to park on a side street or in the lot of a nearby business, be aware that the mercenary tow companies have contracts to operate on nearly every square inch outside of the MAIN LOT (Regatta Field) and the CORP LOT (across from SDAFL) where we are permitted to park. If your car has been towed and you contact us to complain, we will send you a link right back to this page.

Car-top drop offs are available near the Boathouse and the Beach Launch site but NOT at the Rourke Ramp (SDAFL) launch site which is not available in 2021. At both drop-off locations, find a suitable space on the grounds to situate and secure your boat, keep your car flashers on, and then quickly move your car or SUV to one of the two main lots. It is VITAL that your car doesn't inhibit the arrival of trailers because your space becomes wasted boulevard capacity if two trailers surround you before you move to the parking lot.

Parking Map

Click the map to make it bigger


Higher resolution version in browser

Additional Notes on Parking

There are many U-Turn opportunities along the boulevard, and they come with a dedicated U-Turn lane. If you see an opening for a U-Turn but it doesn't have a dedicated U-turn lane, then it's not a legal U-turn and you are very likely to get rear-ended if you try to use them. Happens all the time. Please obey traffic laws.

  • Handicap Parking: There are HCP spots very conveniently located to the Boathouse and also the Beach Launch site on the river side of the boulevard. Look for the standard HCP signage and be sure to display your placard to avoid towing.
  • Singles and Doubles Drop Off: You are free to quickly off-load your boat anywhere on the boulevard. Please move quickly and do not inhibit the flow of trailers into the breakdown lane of boulevard. Remove the boat from your car and then move the car to one of the two parking lots. Be sure to tie down your boat to avoid damage from wind.
  • School Buses: Park for free in the CORP LOT across from SDAFL. Note: ABSOLUTELY NO SCHOOL BUS PARKING ON THE BOULEVARD.
  • Trailer Trucks (Cabs): Once you unhitch from your trailer on the boulevard or in the main trailer lot, proceed to the CORP LOT. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR TRUCK ON THE BOULEVARD WITH THE TRAILER. See the more accurate map on the Trailers page that you should read as well. Register your trailer at the Registration desk in the Boathouse so that we can contact you if your trailer needs to be moved.
  • Vendors: Our vendor partners have designated parking on the boulevard adjacent to the vendor area. Upon arrival, go to the check-in desk at the Boathouse to obtain a pass for your vehicle. If you have hired help that is driving by car, they must park their cars in one of the two car lots - they cannot stay in the vendor parking area. The vendor parking area is intended for the easy movement of your inventory and that of the other vendors - space is limited. The vendor parking section of the boulevard is about 100m downriver from the Boathouse, just past the Handicap Parking. You should have received a location map for your tent space that will make it easy for you to put your vehicle near your tent space.
  • Regatta Staff: ALL REGATTA STAFF, VOLUNTEERS AND REFEREES should park in the MAIN LOT across from the Boathouse. Obtain a parking pass from your committee chair to avoid the parking fee.

About the Dry Weather Lot

It may look innocent enough, but if we've had rain (and we have), this muddy swamp becomes a bus and truck black hole that can only be resolved through the use of expensive tow trucks. There are good parts and bad parts in this lot, so be aware that we may fit a limited number of vehicles in the flat portion of this grassy space and may shut it down without notice. Do the smart thing and go straight to the Rourke Ramp Lot which has a nice asphalt surface and is still close to the venue. If your bus or truck becomes stuck in the mud, please find a regatta director who will bring up this web page on his smartphone and show you that you were warned.


Trailer Talk: For Drivers and Coaches Pulling Boats

REGISTER YOUR TRAILER... Clubs with trailers need to register the trailer with Registration when they arrive either Sat 4PM - 6PM 2PM - 4PM or Sunday starting at 6AM. To speedup the process, use the online Trailer Registration form HERE and simply confirm with Registration when you arrive. Parking for your Cab/Tow Vehicle is free at the CORP LOT (Shuttle bus on Sunday).

Trailers are a constant source of amusement and anguish at the Textile. While we haven't changed much for 2021, we are making an attempt here to give better guidance on how to arrive and depart with a trailer and also offer some common sense guidelines to streamline the process.

If you haven't heard this elsewhere, for 2021 the TRR is a one-day regatta on Sunday. The Saturday before the regatta is for setup, staging, and also for trailer arrivals.

  • The Trailer Lot has been renamed "Hotel California", because like the lyrics in the song "you can check out anytime you want, but you can never leave", at least until Sunday afternoon. Translation: If you arrive late Saturday afternoon to park in the main Trailer Lot next to the boathouse, be aware that we cannot guarantee a way for you to depart until Sunday afternoon after all the racing is done. If you're coming on Saturday and wish to leave mid-day Sunday, then resist the urge to enter the trailer lot. Instead, put your trailer on the boulevard to be assured that you won't be boxed in. We expect trailers to arrive for the Textile starting Saturday afternoon and we'd like to start loading the lot by around 4pm.
  • The maps found below show a suggested loading pattern for the main Trailer Lot. We continue to think about this, so be assured that we will be on site to assist.
  • NO CABS LEFT WITH TRAILERS. After you unhitch the trailer, all cabs should be moved to the CORP LOT on the "Varnum Loop". On Sunday we'll have a shuttle bus running the Varnum Loop that can bring drivers back to the venue and return them there at the end of the day. It's also a short walk. What we DON'T want is a boulevard with unusued capacity because the cabs are taking up valuable space.
  • COMMON SENSE: If your trailer is a side loader, that's great. But before you butt up against other trailers on the boulevard, consider that those trailers in back and front of yours may not be side loaders and will need space to get boats on and off their center racks. Leave adequate space to accommodate your neighbors, and that will also leave you enough space to reattach your cab when it's time to leave.

Key Trailer Elements of the Venue.

Venue Map for Trailer Drivers

Click the map to make it bigger

Venue Trailers

Higher resolution version in browser

Key Notes

Roughly working from the top of the map to the bottom:

  • The SDAFL Launch Site ("Rourke Ramp") IS NOT operational for 2021. Cabs should unhitch from trailers, get a parking pass at the Boathouse, and then proceed to the CORP LOT parking location. The Shuttle Bus loop will pass this location to bring people back to the Boathouse (Sunday only).
  • The Team Tent Area A is closest to the Rourke Bridge. Absolutely DO NOT move cones on the boulevard to squeeze in "just one more trailer" to be close to your camp site. There is room for approximately 3 trailers on the boulevard above the trailer lot, and if the fourth trailer extends into the cone area, it will be towed. This is a traffic pinch point for vehicles coming off the bridge, and it's going to be a major inspection point for the Lowell PD.
  • If you "always" use the Trailer Lot when you come to the Textile, consider that this year if you do, you have no guarantee of being able to leave until late Sunday afternoon. We expect/hope that the Trailer Lot will be available on Saturday night by around 4pm, but we'll have to be chasing out cars. If the lot is unavailable and you definitely want a spot in there, put your trailer on the boulevard and plan on bringing it into the lot early on Sunday morning, space permitting.
  • Absolutely DO NOT leave your cab with the trailer. Unhitch and take your trailer to the CORP LOT parking lot on the Varnum loop (white dots).
  • Absolutely DO check-in at the registration desk when you arrive to secure a cab pass for your truck. Leave you name and contact information with the folks at the registration desk so we can contact you if necessary.
  • Note that we will try to load the Trailer Lot in a particular order. See the Trailer Lot Detail Map below for the order of loading. The current plan is to fit 8 trailers in the Trailer Lot, but we consider spots #5 and #8 to be optional at our discretion. It will depend on how efficiently we can space your trailers with sufficient room for rigging.
  • Coaches: The theme for the Trailer Lot should be to (a) remove your boats for rigging, and then (b) either launch for your event or put the boats back on the trailer. In other words, space in the lot will be limited, and boats sitting in slings for extended amounts of time makes matters worse.
  • Absolutely DO NOT park in the Handicapped or Vendor spaces immediately below the boathouse. Zones are marked in RED on the map are considered tow zones by the mercenary towing companies we have on call.
  • The general rule is "no trailers on grass". Absolutesly DO NOT don't put trailers on the big grassy field down near the finish line, known as the "pavilion". Massachusetts DCR controls this space and also has mercenary towing companies on speed dial.
  • Absolutely DO NOT park cabs in the handy parking lot near the pavilion. That lot is reserved for HP, and venue and DCR staff.
  • For more information on where to put your truck after unhitching your trailer, visit the Parking page.
  • Given all the restrictions named above, it might sound like trailers are a big headache. Actually, there's ample room for all trailers so long as we all act rationally and follow the guidelines and hard rules. If you have a preferred place to locate your trailer, the best advice we can give you is to show up early and not at the last minute. At some point on Sunday morning, your best options will be down near the Beach Launch site - and that's a perfectly good place to set up your team and trailer, but it's not ideal if your team has already located themselves up closer to the boathouse. Work together with your team to plan out your arrival and departure and things can go very smoothly.
  • While we expect our signage to be obvious and ubiquitous, always observe local road laws.

Boathouse Trailer Lot Area

We try to manage the arrangement of trailers in the main Trailer Lot a little more carefully than we do anywhere else. Everyone wants to be close to the main docks, and that puts this popular location right on top of the dock queues.

Boathouse Trailer Lot Area

Click the map to make it bigger

Trailer Lot Overview

Higher resolution version in browser

Key Notes

  • After the turn off the Rourke Bridge heading toward the boathouse, there will be a line of orange cones to shift vehicle traffic to free up the breakdown lane for trailers. DO NOT rearrange the cones. There is room for 3 forty-foot trailers in the zone. The first trailer in the zone (#21) should pull up to the entrance of the trailer lot but leave sufficient room for other trailers to enter the lot. Keep in mind that those trailers may be making a wide turn from the opposite direction which has a left-turn lane into the lot. We will entertain exactly zero complaints if bows collide when a trailer tries to enter the lot and #21 is in the way.
  • The only chance for 4 trailers to occupy this zone is if everyone cooperates, everyone has side loaders, and one or two of the trailers are of the 32' variety carrying only fours.

Boathouse Trailer Lot

The map and notes below are trying to show that trailers entering the trailer lot should meet a few nominal conditions, and arrival timing has a lot to do with how successful we are in packing the lot.

Boathouse Trailer Lot

Click the map to make it bigger

Trailer Lot

Higher resolution version in browser

Key Notes

  • Position #1 is key in setting the tone for the entire lot. Please make sure to have a Textile Certified Lot Technician (Carl or Jess) assist you if you're the first one into the lot. If we get that one correct, then we might be able to fit position #5 while maintaining useful rigging space between trailers.
  • Postion #6 should back into position parallel to the road, backed in far enough to maximize space for other trailers but without impeding flow into the lot. Position #7 should be a side loader, otherwise position #8 might not be usable.
  • On the boulevard adjacent to the Trailer Lot, we think there is room for 3 long haul trailers, but position #10 may need to be a side loader. We'll make a game day decision based on who shows up.
  • Timing: For those of you new to Textile, the Trailer Lot and adjacent boulevard parking in its vicinity usually fill between 4pm and 8pm on Saturday.

Hotels & Hospitality

TRR Rates and Discounts

Check back soon.

Hotel and Restaurant Management: If you would like to offer preferred rates or discounts to attendees of the Textile River Regatta, please send your information to info@textileriverregatta before Sunday September 26th for posting here on our site. Please be advised that due to time limitations we are not able to engage in protracted discussions or offer firm quantities for block rooms or minimum attendance.

Other Helpful Links

Where to eat:

Things to do:

General Info on the area:

Links and favorable hotel rates courtesy of

Directions to the Venue


For navigation purposes, tell your magic navigation device to take you to "500 Pawtucket Blvd Lowell MA".

From the North

Route 3 south to OLD exit 32. I have no idea what the new exit number is, and I'm not about to drive up there just to find out. Left at the second light at the far end of the square rotary onto Drum Hill Rd. Several lights to the Rourke Bridge, make a right off the bridge.

From either direction on 495

On 495 take OLD exit 35B to get you onto Route 3 heading North. Route 3 north about 2 miles to OLD exit 32. Make a right at the top of the exit onto Drum Hill Rd. Several lights to the Rourke Bridge, then make a right off the bridge.

Filter events by clicking on combinations of buttons.
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TRR# / RC#Est Start TimeEvent DescriptionEntriesD0'D1'D2'D3'Ma'
01 / 0108:00 Mens Rec 1x (HS OK)
02 / 0208:00 Womens Rec 1x (HS OK)
03 / 0308:00 Mens Masters 1x
04 / 0408:00 Mens Senior Masters 1x
05 / 0508:01 Mens Grand Masters 1x
06 / 0608:06 Mens Veterans Masters 1x
07 / 0708:18 Mens Collegiate Novice 4+
08 / 0808:22 Womens Collegiate Novice 4+
09 / 0908:27 Womens Masters 1x
10 / 1008:27 Womens Senior Masters 1x
11 / 1108:28 Womens Grand Masters 1x
12 / 1208:28 Womens Veterans Masters 1x
13 / 1308:34 Womens Jr 1x
14 / 1408:55 Mens Jr 4x
15 / 1509:06 Mens Jr 4+ "B"
16 / 1609:12 Womens Jr 4+ "B"
17 / 1709:23 Mens Masters 8+
18 / 1809:26 Womens Masters 8+
19 / 1909:26 Womens Masters 4x
20 / 2009:31 Womens Jr 4x
21 / 2109:37 Womens Open 2x
22 / 2209:37 Womens Jr 2x
23 / 2309:37 Womens Jr Ltwt 2x
BREAK (20')
24 / 2409:59 Mens Open 4+
25 / 2510:06 Womens Open 4+
26 / 2610:13 Womens Jr 4+ "A"
27 / 2710:26 Mens Jr 4+ "A"
28 / 2810:33 Mens Jr Ltwt 1x
29 / 2910:40 Mens Jr 2x
30 / 3010:54 The Paul Wenger Mens Masters 4x
31 / 3111:01 Mixed Masters 8+
32 / 3211:09 Mens Masters 4+
33 / 3311:13 Womens Masters 4+
34 / 3411:18 Mens Jr Ltwt 4+
35 / 3511:22 Mixed Masters 2x
36 / 3611:25 Mens Jr 1x
37 / 3711:26 Womens Jr Ltwt 1x
38 / 3811:36 Mens Jr 8+ "B"
39 / 3911:47 Womens Jr 8+ "B"
40 / 4011:53 Mixed Masters 4x
41 / 4111:53 Womens Masters 2x
42 / 4212:06 Womens Jr Ltwt 4+
43 / 4312:20 Mens Jr 8+ "A"
44 / 4412:30 Mens Open 2x
45 / 4512:34 Mens Masters 2x
46 / 4612:38 Mens Open 1x
47 / 4712:39 Mens Open Ltwt 1x
48 / 4812:47 Womens Jr 8+ "A"
49 / 4912:53 Womens Open 1x
50 / 5012:53 Womens Open Ltwt 1x
51 / 5113:13 The Jim Polcari Mens Open 8+
52 / 5213:18 Womens Open 8+

Version 20210930.13.51

Regata ID from Regatta Central (official event list)
Regata Start Time (Minutes after midnight)
D0. Start line centers (seconds)
D1. Event separation (minutes)
D1. Only separate when event entry count greater than or equal to (entries)
D2. Big Event separation (minutes)
D2. Add the above per number of entries (entries)
D3. Event separation when boat flight changes to larger boats (minutes)
Arbitrarily round times up to nearest x minutes on wall clock (e.g., 2 or 5. 0 = no rounding up. Drastically lengthens regatta time)
Breaks: Enter pairs of EventNum:Minutes separated by commas
Enter password to SAVE and LOCK schedule
Generate schedule based on parameters above
Re-Load the currently saved schedule
Event separation Calculator. Enter two Event ID numbers and press Go to calculate hot seat potential:

Last Event starts at: 13:18


Average center overall (seconds): 32

Delta 01->20: 00:59, 120 entries, 375 athletes.

Delta 21->40: 01:18, 146 entries, 713 athletes.

Delta 41->60: -11:35, 73 entries, 395 athletes.

Delta 61->XX: 11:00, 0 entries, 0 athletes.

With Continuous Starting on 14 centers, regatta would end at: 09:20.

Flight gaps: 12 (24 minutes)

Empty events: 8

Duplicate events:

  • NONE

Download Excel CSV File

Rules & Classifications


AGE DEFINITION: Age is defined as your age on December 31, 2021. (New in 2016 - changed to agree with FISA/HOCR)
ABOVE ALL: Regardless of any overlaps you might find in the categorization of rowers or events, rowers in high school or youth rowing club programs cannot row in an event or with a crew that has collegiate rowers. Period. End of discussion.
NOVICE: First season in a sculling shell for sculling events. First season rowing for a high school, or first season rowing at the collegiate level for sweep events. So if you rowed in high school and are a freshman in college, you are eligible to row in a collegiate novice event with your college.
LIGHTWEIGHT: (Changed in 2011, now agrees with HOCR)
  • Crew of 2 or more: Men 165 lbs max, Women 133 lbs max. No averaging.
  • Singles: Men 160 lbs max, Women 130 lbs max.

The age classifications below are provided for possible future use.  However, since the TRR does not have age-specific or decade-specific Masters events, our rule is that any rower 23 years or older and not affiliated with a collegiate or secondary school rowing program may row in a Masters event.  The USRA calculation for handicaps will apply to all Masters events.

  • VETERAN:   Average age of rower(s) at least 60 years old.  No one except coxswain under 23 years of age.
  • GRAND MASTER:  Average age of rower(s) at least 50 years old.  No one except coxswain under 23 years of age.
  • SENIOR MASTER:  Average age of rower(s) at least 40 years old.  No one except coxswain under 23 years of age.
  • MASTER:  Average age of rower(s) at least 27 years old.  No one except coxswain under 23 years of age.  
  • MASTER "AA":  Average age of rower(s) at least 23 years old and not affiliated with a collegiate or secondary rowing program.
CLUB: Textile River Regatta definition in effect as follows:

Limited to person (including coxswains) who in ANY sculling or sweep-oared event (master or veteran events excepted) DID NOT:

  1. Earn any Senior World Championship or Olympic gold/silver/bronze medal since 1996 
  2. Earn a 1st place medal in any Championship (open) event of the Head Of The Charles regatta since 1996; 
  3. Compete in any Senior World Championships or Olympic Games since 1998; 
  4. Earn a medal in last year's Textile River Regatta open events.
  5. In the current year, reach the quarter-finals of the Henley Royal or Henley Women's Regattas OR finish among the top six places in any national team trials, national or international championships (e.g. FISA World Cup, US Rowing national championships Elite Only, Pan Ams, Lucerne, FISA Junior Worlds, World Under 23 Rowing Regatta, Head Of The River, London, etc.), San Diego CC (Copley and Jessop-Whittier Cup only), EARC or EAWRC Sprints, NCAA, Mid-West Championships, PAC-10, IRA OR finish among the top three places at Canadian Henley (Canadian Henley Junior events excepted) OR win the Dad Vail Regatta, Avaya Communication Collegiate Championship (novice events excepted). 

Race officials reserve the right to classify foreign crews into the appropriate event based on the racing experience of the competitors in the boat. 

JUNIOR / YOUTH: Any rower presently enrolled in secondary school.  We consider this to be the equivalent of "HS" or "High School" designations used in the past.
U23 / COLLEGIATE: Any rower presently enrolled in college or university and not eligible for U19 designation.  We consider the U23 USRowing defintion to be the equivalent of the TRR "Collegiate" designation.  Also includes a post graduate rower under the age of 23.
MIXED: In a Mixed event, crew must consist of equal numbers of men and women, not including the coxswain.  Note that all Mixed events at the TRR use USRA handicapping to economize on the number of separate events we offer.


COURSE: The Textile River Regatta is rowed over a nominal 4,500 meter course beginning below Tyng Island and finishing along the Heritage State Park walkway, approximately 1,000 meters south of the Bellegarde boathouse. The course is clearly marked along its length with buoys.
LAUNCH SITES: Boats are to launch from the docks at the UML Bellegarde Boathouse ("BOATHOUSE") or the City of Lowell Beach located next to the Pavilion (downstream from the boathouse about a mile, known as "BEACH"). Singles, 2x/2- and 4x/4-/4+ may launch from the Rourke Boat Ramp ("SDAFL") upriver from the boathouse about 3/4 mile [New in 2014]. While there is ample room for trailers in the parking lot of this location, the docks are not long enough to launch eights. Each of the three launch sites is staffed by one or more Dockmasters who have the authority for launching operations, traffic patterns and priorities at each site.

Priority will be given to boats launching for an event over those returning from a previous event.

All boats should launch no later than sixty minutes prior to the start of their event. A Dockmaster will be present to expedite boat traffic. ALWAYS launch and dock with the bow pointed upstream.  Boats should STAY ON THE NORTH SIDE of the river upon launching.   This is the same side as the boathouse.  The travel lane is entirely on the north side - there is NO river crossing.  Keep ample berth between the land on starboard and the course, which is designated by RED buoys on PORT.
BUOYS: RED buoys mark PORT side of the course,  and GREEN buoys mark the STARBOARD side.  What this means:  Keep the RED buoys to PORT at all times, both going upriver to the Start and on the course.  YELLOW  buoys mark hazards.  Do not try to put your oars over a yellow buoy as it might have drifted and you could hit the hazard it is marking.  Do not attempt to go between a green buoy and the shore, even on your way up to the starting line!!!!  Giant ORANGE buoys mark the start and the finish lines.

To Emphasize and Summarize:
  • RED = PORT, both on the course and in the travel lane.
  • GREEN = STARBOARD on the course.
  • YELLOW = Hazards
  • ORANGE = Start and Finish lines
START: Each entrant is responsible for arriving at the marshalling area ten minutes prior to the start of their event. Boats will be started in order by bow number at approximately ten second intervals. Late-arriving boats may lose their starting position or be excluded from the race at the discretion of the Starter. Boats must pass through the starting buoys to be officially recognized.

Crews late to the start may start at the discretion of the referees at the start line. If a late crew is allowed to start, a time will be recorded, however the publication of this time within the results of the original event and/or the boat's standing in the event are not guaranteed.

To do your warm-ups, move past the orange buoys marking the marshalling area at the Start. Make sure you do not continue upstream out of earshot of the marshals.

FINISH: Participants not passing between the two finishing buoys with bow marker intact are subject to exclusion from the race. Once beyond the finish line, boats MUST clear the Finish line and row clear of all the orange bouys following the finish line before turning. This is so you do not block the other crews as they cross the line. Impeding boats that are still racing constitutes a major (30 second) violation.
Warning: There is a waterfall approximately 1500 meters past the Finish line.  You should avoid rowing over the falls if at all possible.

To return to the docks, turn to port and return to the docks in the return lane along the wall.

Dock carefully with safety in mind and LISTEN for the Dockmaster's instructions. 

ELIGIBILITY: See Classifications at the top of this page.
EQUIPMENT Bowmarkers and bibs must be picked up at the Registration desk (one per boat per race).  All boats launching must have their bowmarkers secured.  Bowmarkers will be collected at the launch site.  BOWCLIPS: All boats must have a bow clip to which a bowmarker can be secured. We won't have spare bow clips at the regatta, so make sure your boat is equipped.  BOW BALL:  All shells MUST be equipped with a bowball.  HEEL STRAPS: All boats MUST have heel straps securely in place at launch time per USRA rules. This is a cool-weather regatta and heel strap compliance is a very popular item with the referees. 
PENALTIES & PROTESTS: Regatta Marshals and USRowing Referees along the course will be responsible for assessing penalties, USRowing Referees are responsible for hearing your protests. In the event you wish to protest, notify any Textile staff person who will direct you to a referee. USRowing rules shall apply if not specifically mentioned below.
  1. Any boat being overtaken must grant the right-of-way to the upcoming boat. An overtaken boat should begin to yield NO LATER THAN the point at which the overtaking crew is within one boat length of their stern.
  2. Boats must proceed downstream within the restraints of course buoys.
  3. Boats not observing course rules and/or impeding other crews shall be penalized at the discretion of Regatta officials.

    Minor Violations: 10 second penalty (e.g., cutting a buoy)

    Major Violations: 30 second penalty (e.g., not granting right of way)

  4. Protests must be reported to the Dockmaster immediately upon docking and then submitted in writing to a USRA official at the Textile River Regatta headquarters containing a concise statement describing the facts that underlie the protest (including a visual description of the incident in question, bow numbers of protesting and protested crews, and names of witnesses, if any) and the relief that the crew seeks. The protest will include the individual signature of a protesting crew member (usually the cox on a sweep boat) and will be accompanied by a check for $25 made out to the Textile River Regatta or $25 in cash. The written protest will be submitted to a USRA official at the regatta not more than thirty minutes after finishing that event.


Thanks for playing, see you next year!

Welcome Vendors

Welcome TRR Vendors

The TRR Committee welcomes vendors in the rowing community who wish to set up their tent at the Textile River Regatta on Sunday. We provide ample space between the boathouse and bathhouse where rowers and guests are concentrated. We also offer advertising on our web sites and ad space in our Event Program at very affordable rates.

The regatta itself typically brings over 600 boats to the Merrimac River for a great day of racing and fun. Accompanying those boats are the over 3,000 competitors that row them, and a few thousand friends and family, all within a short walk of where we locate the vendor area downriver from the boathouse. Please note that for 2021, we are purposefully restricting the regatta to a maximum of 300 entries in consideration of safety protocols related to COVID-19 as well as limitations placed on the venue by the City of Lowell.

If you can't make it to the regatta, or just wish to increase your exposure to the rowing community, we offer the options of advertising on our MRRA and TRR rowing web sites and in the TRR Event Program. Our web sites generate high traffic, especially in the days before and after the TRR, and your ads are good for a full year from first posting.

NOTE: Please note that the TRR has a signed contract with N&D Sports for official TRR merchandise for 2021. Merchandise may not carry any reference to the Textile River Regatta without prior approval from the TRR and N&D Sports.


Tent space or ads can be reserved by selecting one of the options below and paying online, via PayPal or any major credit card, or via check sent in advance of the event. If you pay by check, please make out check to Textile River Regatta Committee and send to:

Textile River Regatta Committee - VENDORS
P.O. Box 1493
Lowell, MA 01852-1493

We have simplified our pricing structure to accommodate the following options:

  • Reservation of a tent space (you must provide your own tent) will automatically include a web ad that will run for one year on the TRR site. All you have to do is send is a graphic and a url address to link to. Or just send us your web link and we will extract your logo or graphic.
  • Reservation of either a web ad (same instructions as above), a print ad (to be run in the event program), or both. Deadline for Web and Print Ads: 10 days before the Textile River Regatta which is being held on Sunday, October 3rd, 2021.

Note that online payments using PayPal are processed using our MRRA account and your credit card statement will read from "MRRA" or "Merrimac River Rowing Association". You will receive a receipt via email from PayPal. We do not store any personal or credit card information on our site.

Item Description  Price
VTENTWEBAD Vendor Tent Space + Website Ad
Image file PNG or JPEG, 250x250 max pixels. Tent space 10'x10' or 10'x20', write to us if you need special accommodations or a larger area.
VWEBAD Website Ad
Image file PNG or JPEG, 250x250 max pixels.
VPROGAD Event Program Ad
We print and distribute 800+ programs on the day of the regatta. Please include PNG or JPEG image file no larger than 800x800 pixels. The best ads will have your website URL embedded in the image since the paper event programs are not clickable!
VCOMBO2 Vendor Tent Space + Website Ad + Event Program Ad
All of the above combo package.


If your name appears in this list, we have received your request to participate as a vendor for this year's TRR. If you've paid but don't see your name, please check back - the site doesn't update in real time.

PPTX updated, 0/0.


01 ... TRR-VWEBAD (carl popolo with email address carl@popolo.com at 2021-08-29 14:47)

02 ... TRR-VPROGAD (James Aulenback with email address paypal@sportgraphics.com at 2021-09-23 15:21)

03 ... TRR-VWEBAD (James Aulenback with email address paypal@sportgraphics.com at 2021-09-23 15:21)

04 ... TRR-VTENTWEBAD (Michael Norwood with email address mike@wearswoody.com at 2021-09-28 12:43)

Team Tent Reservation

01 ... TRR-VTENTRES (Melissa Currier with email address mcurrier@currcomm.com at 2021-09-30 19:20)
(PayPal deprecated.)

Tent Area C

01 ... (Carl Popolo with email address carl@popolo.com at 2022-08-18 11:31)
(PayPal deprecated.)


01 ... (Carl Popolo with email address carl@popolo.com at 2022-08-19 11:01)
(PayPal deprecated.)

TRR-VTENTWEBADVendor Tent Space + Website Ad

01 ... (BRIAN HEBERT with email address biggreent5261@gmail.com at 2022-09-06 14:22)
(PayPal deprecated.)


01 ... (Kelley Cullenberg with email address spanditsapparel@gmail.com at 2022-09-08 11:24)
(PayPal deprecated.)

TRR-VTENTWEBADVendor Tent Space + Website Ad

01 ... (Michael Norwood with email address mike@wearswoody.com at 2022-10-01 21:08)
(PayPal deprecated.)

TRR-VCOMBO2Vendor Tent Space + Website Ad + Program Ad

01 ... (BRIAN HEBERT with email address biggreent5261@gmail.com at 2023-08-08 12:25)
(PayPal deprecated.)

TRR-VTENTWEBADVendor Tent Space + Website Ad

01 ... (David Dickison with email address davedickison0@hotmail.com at 2023-09-25 10:16)
(PayPal deprecated.)

02 ... (Michael Norwood with email address mike@wearswoody.com at 2023-09-30 17:13)
(PayPal deprecated.)


  • Web ads must be paid for before the regatta if you expect to see your ad on the web site before the high web site traffic periods.  Allow 5 business days to have your ad placed on the site; less if we already have your artwork.   Web ads run for 365 days begining on the day of purchase or placement, whichever is later. Ads run on www.textileriverregatta.org and www.merrimackrowing.org (which hosts the Festival Regatta in June).

Details on Tents

  • We mark off an area directly downriver of the boathouse on the day before the regatta, you can set up your tent the morning of the regatta, or late afternoon of the previous day. The tents are all in the final 1000m of the race course and offer a great location near the rowers, guests and normal pedestrian traffic that is popular along this stretch of the boulevard.
  • We reserve a stretch of curb for parking during the regatta specifically for vendors. Note that this area is very heavily trafficked and spots fill up early. A dashboard pass will be reserved for you to pick up at the registration desk. You MUST have a pass on your dashboard or risk towing.
  • Locations will be assigned starting closest to the boathouse, in order of receipt of payment. We do reserve the right to make slight adjustments to this guideline for venue efficiencies.
  • Note that we do NOT provide the tent, only the space. If you need a space larger than 10'x20', please let us know by e-mail.
  • We expect to have a security guard patrolling the boathouse area overnight, but we cannot be responsible for any materials that you leave unattended at any time.

Details on Web Advertising

  • Your ad will run in a prominent location on each of our two websites, www.textileriverregatta.org and www.merrimackriverrowing.org. Each of them generate a substantial amount of qualified traffic from the rowing throughout the year especially in the days and weeks leading up to our two regattas.
  • Your web ad will be prominently displayed on the main page of the TRR website on a rotating basis where 4 ads are shown at a time. If you don't see your ad on our home page, refresh the page a few times and it should appear.
  • If you have a particular image that should be used, send a link to that image in an email.  If you don't have a preference, we'll take the likeliest image from your web site and create the ad and link for you.  In either case, be sure to specify the URL where you want the click to go -- some people prefer to have a special landing page on their site when a click-thru comes their way.
  • Your ads will run for a full calendar year from starting on the date of payment or deployment, whichever is later.

Event Program Ads

  • We have limited space available in our TRR Event Program on a first-come first-served basis.  If you don't specify otherwise, we will use the obvious image from your web site and show that image along with your company name and web site in the ad. 
  • We print and distribute at least  800 event programs free of charge to participants and guests. (In a normal non-COVID year).
  • Deadline for Web and Print Ads: 10 days before the Textile River Regatta which is being held on Sunday, October 3rd, 2021.


Contact us at vendors@textileriverregatta.org

Contact Us by E-Mail

Write to us at info@textileriverregatta.org. In the days leading up to the regatta this account is nearly monitored full-time. The phone number formerly associated with us no longer accepts voice messages. But if you'd like to FAX us your question, it will work so knock yourself out.

Previous Results

Team Tent Reservations

Team Tent Reservations

You can reserve your Team Tent spaces for 2021. Use the form at the bottom of this page to make your reservation.

Reservations are $75 for a 10' x 20' tent space. Tents are not included. Reservations are on a first-come first-served basis according to the date of payment using the PayPal link below. Space is limited. If we cannot accommodate your first preference, we will contact you to see if an alternate area is suitable or else promptly issue you a refund.

Reservations will hold your tent space for your setup starting on Saturday after 1pm. We expect to have your spaces staked out with signage by Friday night before the regatta, but we may be running into Saturday morning. Confirm your exact space location at the registration desk at the Boathouse sometime around Friday night.

Once confirmed, your space will be designated on our site map so that your crew and guests will be able to locate your camp site quickly. It's also a convenient way to know that you'll have a specific rally point in advance of your arrival at the regatta.

Note that these spaces are not intended for boat rigging. It simply gives you a way to have a pre-defined place for your team, boosters, parents and alumni to meet. Also note that trailer parking is not guaranteed, so it may be difficult to co-locate your trailer with the reserved tent space. All spaces are along the river walk above and below the boathouse and have perfect views of the last 1k of the racing. Area C is closest to the Finish line; Area D is below the Finish.

Also note that we allocate and stake the space on strict 20' boundaries. If you don't think your team will fit into a 10' x 20' space, please reserve two or more spaces as necessary and we will be able to insure that your spaces are together.


Tent Area A

01 ... POPOLO (Qty 1 by carl popolo at 2021-08-29 12:09)

02 ... Duxbury Bay Maritime (Qty 1 by Thomas Weldon at 2021-09-09 20:52)

03 ... The Derryfield School (Qty 1 by Christopher Hettler at 2021-09-23 15:39)

04 ... Friends of Concord Crew (Qty 1 by Steven Garside at 2021-09-29 21:07)

Tent Area B

01 ... POPOLO (Qty 1 by carl popolo at 2021-08-26 12:35)

02 ... Brookline Rowing (Qty 2 by Shari Noe at 2021-09-08 21:43)

03 ... Haverhill High School (Qty 2 by Kaitlin Martel at 2021-09-15 13:01)

04 ... HB Crew (Qty 1 by Mark Lewis at 2021-09-19 20:18)

05 ... Souhegan Crew (Qty 1 by Leigh Ann Evans at 2021-09-19 21:10)

06 ... Boston College High School (Qty 1 by Marie Cairo at 2021-09-21 10:08)

07 ... Boston College High School (Qty 1 by Marie Cairo at 2021-09-21 10:43)

08 ... Megunticook Rowing (Qty 1 by Anna Goodale at 2021-09-21 11:14)

09 ... Central crew club NH (Qty 1 by Michael Shields at 2021-09-22 21:29)

10 ... St. John's Prep (Qty 1 by Timothy Broderick at 2021-09-24 11:00)

11 ... Bromfield Acton Boxborough (Qty 1 by Holly Hatton at 2021-09-27 11:51)

12 ... University of Maine (Qty 1 by Paige Solans at 2021-09-28 10:36)

13 ... Great Bay Rowing (Qty 1 by Melissa Currier at 2021-09-30 19:19)

Tent Area C

01 ... Winsor (Qty 2 by Lisa Stone at 2021-08-31 13:53)

02 ... Arlington Belmont Crew (Qty 1 by peter thompson at 2021-09-10 11:50)

03 ... Cambridge Rindge and Latin (Qty 1 by Eric Litman at 2021-09-15 08:45)

04 ... Hingham High Crew (Qty 2 by Sonya Claridge at 2021-09-24 10:49)

05 ... Greater Lawrence Rowing (GLR) (Qty 2 by Andrew McDevitt at 2021-09-28 08:44)


tent reservations

Reserve your Tent Space

Use the map above to determine where you'd like to reserve tent space. Use the PayPal link below to choose your preferred area, and then complete the checkout process in PayPal. Space is limited. If we cannot honor your request for any reason, we will let you know and issue a prompt refund.

The Tent Reservation system is closed. It's too late to make a tent reservation for this year's regatta.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not elect to reserve tent space, we kindly ask that you respect the signage for those areas that have been set aside for clubs that made reservations. This may conflict with the location where you 'typically' set up at the TRR, but rest easy that there will be ample room for everyone - 80% of the venue space is open and not available for reservations. The point of making a reservation is for the convenience of having a known location and rally point for your team in advance of your arrival.

Photo Albums

We're working on it.


Textile River Regatta - COVID-19 SAFETY POLICY

Version 1.0 posted 07-Sept-2021.

Version 1.1 posted 28-Sept-2021.

We are excited to be hosting the Textile River Regatta in 2021, and the health and safety of our athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers and spectators is of paramount importance. Consistent with guidance from the CDC and the state of MA, as well as the Covid policies in place at U Mass Lowell, the TRR will operate under the following rules:

  1. Masks are required at all locations for all participants regardless of vaccination status.
    • Athletes may remove masks once in their boats but masks must be replaced before disembarking at the docks.
    • Please provide your own masks; if you forget or lose yours, a limited number of extra masks will be available throughout the venue.
  2. Competitors and guests are not allowed to enter the Boathouse. Registration will take place outside at the entrance to the Boathouse.
  3. All competitors are expected to self-affirm that they:
    • Are not currently experiencing Covid symptoms
    • Version 1.0: Have not tested positive within 14 days of the TRR (if unvaccinated), or 10 days (if fully vaccinated).
    • Version 1.1: Have not tested positive within 10 days of the TRR, regardless of vaccination status.
    • Version 1.0: Have not knowingly been a close contact of someone who has tested positive for Covid within the previous 10 days.
    • Version 1.1: Have not knowingly been a close contact of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the previous 14 days, unless they have tested out of quarantine as determined by a contact tracer.
  4. If you feel ill or experience Covid symptoms during the event, please report to the Safety Officer at Registration.
  5. To minimize exposure to all participants, we ask that you take your trash with you when you leave the venue. Extra trash bags will be available at the Registration desk and hand sanitizer will be available throughout the venue.
  6. All participants are encouraged to be fully vaccinated and to remain at home if they are exhibiting any Covid symptoms. Participants are also encouraged to download the MA Notify app on their Android or iPhone devices. This is a privacy-preserving app available by the state of MA to facilitate automated exposure notification should there be any reported Covid-positive attendees at the TRR. More information, including instructions for downloading the app, can be found here: here.

The Textile River Regatta Committee is responsible for this message and reserves the right to change the policy at anytime. If you have any questions please Contact Us.

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