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Textile River Regatta

Sunday, October 5th, 2014 on the Merrimac River, Lowell MA

Thank You.

Stay tuned for updates this week - TRR pictures among other things. For now, we'd just like to extend a hearty THANKS to everyone who came to play; coaches, competitors, referees, vendors, parents, friends and volunteers. You actually believe we know what we're doing at the TRR, and for that we are grateful. Aside from a lot of sleeping and clean-up work, we're also in the midst of breaking down the things that worked and those that didn't. We're already in motion with improvements for 2015. If you have suggestions for improvements, please DO LET US KNOW. In fact, most new good ideas come from you, not us!

And please Mark Your Calendar for TRR15 on Sunday, October 4th, 2015.

Thanks for visiting,
Carl, Jay and the TRR Committee



TRR 2014 Final Results (PDF)


Tune in to TRR Radio! Live race calls throughout the day.

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Dock Cam 2013

Over 400 boats launched from the main docks compressed into a 3 minute video.