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Welcome to the 30th Annual
Textile River Regatta

Sunday October 4th, 2009

UML Rower and Club 1x winner Dan Brooks is congratulated by his teammates.

Done.  Coming soon:  First full night of sleep in two weeks.

More recaps and photos coming this week... For now:


Thanks for making the TRR part of your fall racing schedule,

The Textile River Regatta Committee


03-OCT 22:50
  • The course is set, docks are locked.  Time to get your regatta on.  See you in the morning.  E-Mails to from here on will be very loosely monitored.  For any urgent matters past this point, take them to check-in and have Wilma pass you on to Jay or Carl.  
  • If you've been following us on Twitter, please do not rely on tweets for race calls - while we would like to tweet up during the day, we will have other priorities at any given moment.  Listen in to race calls from our announcer, and make sure you have a timepiece tuned to regatta time.
  • PHT has altered the handicap factor to 4.4 down from 5.8 to reflect the short course.


the Coaches Certification Form

  • There's an update to the START ORDER REPORT (version 3) - if you didn't see your club on the version posted on 01-Oct, then this report is for you.
  • LOW WATER:  We have made the call earlier today to run the Short Course due to low water conditions out of our control.  With this version of the course, the Start Line is near the 1-mile mark on the Course Map, and the course gets shorter by about 1400m, going from a 5800m to 4400m nominal length.  Finish Line does not change.


the Coaches Certification Form

  • START ORDER REPORT is on the site.  The order of bow numbers in this report was determined by seeding the top returning entries in the same event from last year's TRR followed by a random assignment of the remaining crews in the event.
  • COACHES CERTIFICATION - IMPORTANT.  In the interest of a smooth check-in process and a double-check on safety items, we will be asking all coaches to certify that they are compliant with waivers and the safety of their equipment.  Download the Coaches Certification form (one page PDF) and sign all sections that apply.  Blank forms will be available at check-in.  
  • Now is a good time to make sure your On-Line Waivers are in order - login to Regatta Central and make sure you're compliant!
  • Event Schedule version 4 is published and looks final.  Check the spreadsheet.  This looks to be the FINAL FINAL event schedule.  Check to see who event loading might have slightly altered your event start time.
  • 2009 Area Map has been posted.  Printable 8.5" x 11" version and also hi-res JPEG.  See the Course Map page.

  • 2009 Course Map has been posted.  Printable 8.5" x 11" version and also hi-res JPEG.  See the Course Map page.  Boathouse vicinity and launch maps coming any day.
  • Event Schedule version 3 is published and looks final.  Check the spreadsheet.
  • Regatta Central events have been renumbered to agree with the schedule here on the TRR site.
  • Follow the TRR on Twitter for pre-race updates. If we can find the manpower to update race results on race day, we'll do it.
  • Event Schedule is up on Regatta Central;  Master Spreadsheet of event order, start times, and other useful information will be posted here by the end of the week.
  • An "Alumni/Masters Mixed 8+" event has been added by request.  Certain other adjustments have been made to try and move most of the Masters events to before the lunch break without compromising equipment and athlete recycling.


More about the TRR

The Textile River Regatta is an extremely popular 6k head race held on the Merrimack River in the fall. The event is organized by the Merrimack River Rowing Association (MRRA) in coordination with the UMass-Lowell and Lowell High School Rowing programs.

A full range of sculling and sweeps events are included, with competition provided by large entries from many local and regional clubs and colleges. The event occurs a few weeks prior to the Head of the Charles and hence provides athletes with ideal competitive training on a great course with a convenient location.