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Thanks for playing! We had good weather after a morning chill and lots of good racing. Thanks to all for making our 40th Anniversary Textile a special day for everyone!


15 October 2019

  • Beautiful pictures by Mike Franey! There are over 1,800 pictures in his FraneyPix Gallery and the odds are very good that if you were at the regatta you appear in at least one photo! These are outstanding photos taken from all over the venue, so unlike most "rowing pictures", these show land-based and rowing action in a very up-close and personal way. The photos are for sale as prints or in digital format and would make excellent holiday gifts for the rower, coach or coxswain on your list.

07 October 2019

  • We've posted some photos to our Google Photos Album. Please add your images to our collection!
  • 2019 RESULTS - At HereNOW
  • Lost and Found - It's tradition that most lost items are usually scooped up by someone from the team and seem lost but may already be in your team's possession. Please check what you took home and if you don't recognize something, check this list and write to us at info@textileriverregatta.org if you have something to add or recognize your lost item.
    1. Lost: Backpack black and blue from Hyannis Youth Invitational regatta.
    2. Lost: A black sweater
    3. Lost: A grey sweater
    4. Lost: A rower's butt pad
    5. Found: A blue Camelback with carabiner
    6. Found: Cedardale Health and Fitness card from Haverhill
    7. Found: Kelly green metal water bottle
    8. Found: Buff black fleece headband
    9. Found: Blue and Orange camp point hammock
    10. Lost: Box with boat straps (Windham?)
    11. Lost: Glasses in a pouch
    12. Lost: Resolute seat with thin rubber pad (Neponset)
    13. Found: Looks like a Port Jeff backpack with something valuable inside. Check the last photo in the Google Photos album we just posted.
  • Feedback? MOST of the improvements we have made over the years have been made from feedback from everyone who attends the regatta. Competitors, coaches, vendors, referees, friends and families all come away with a different perspective of how the regatta worked for them. We DEPEND on your feedback. So if you have anything to tell us - pro or con - please take a moment to write us at info@textileriverregatta.org.


  • Thanks for playing, see you next year!


Competitors or their coaches must check-in at the Bellegarde Boathouse at the main desk. Check-in times are as follows:

  • Saturday, Oct 5th 4pm to 6pm and Sunday, Oct 6th 6am to 3pm
  • Allow ample time to get through check-in and make your event. We have the fastest check-in team around, but you might wait 15 minutes during peak times. We highly encourage coaches to come with a well-prepared set of documentation to complete the check-in for their entire fleet in one pass.
  • All coaches must sign Coaches Certification Form and bring it to Check-in.
  • USRowing compliance is required for the TRR since it is a USRowing Regatta. To be compliant - affiliate with a USRowing-affiliated club or school. Or if any athlete wishes to compete under Unaffiliated, the athlete must have a current Championship Membership (paid membership). See USRowing website for more info: http://usrowing.org/join.aspx.
  • Online USRowing waivers are required for each athlete! All athletes can go to membership.usrowing.org to join or renew and accept the online USRowing waiver before Race Day!
Your bow number and bib will be given to you then, along with an event program and any important race-day information.  If you do not check-in during these designated times, you may not be allowed to race.  Any rare exceptions are at the discretion of the Local Organizing Committee, confirmed by the USRA Chief Referee.  BOW NUMBER BIB SHOULD BE PINNED TO THE BACK OF THE ROWER IN THE BOW SEAT.

When arriving for check-in, bring your Regatta Central invoice to speed the check-in process, and if you are registered for any lightweight events, bring your crew for weigh-in.


Click on the slide show for larger images.

Click on the slide show for larger images.


Beautiful Regatta 2018 Photos! 2019 FraneyPIX coming soon! Check back later this week.

We turned over the venue and the race course to a friend and photographer Mike Franey, and his photos are spectacular! He shot over 1800 photos, and the best 500 are posted in his Lightroom folder on the web. Visit Mike Franey's Lightroom to see the results for yourself. If you'd like the high-resolution version of any photos suitable for printing in large format, Mike is asking $10 per image and 5 for $40 to help support his hobby. Click the "info" icon on any image and send him the image name and $10 via PayPal to m_franeyjr@yahoo.com. Update for 2019 - Mike will be back with us this year, contact him for your official Textile 2019 Team Photos if that's a thing.

01 Oct 2018

Thanks for playing at the 39th Annual Textile River Regatta. We had great weather and saw great racing, only made possible by the sportsmanship and hard work of all the crews, families and volunteers on many levels. We're very grateful for your support and wish you the best success in this racing season.


Posted at HereNOW.

  • Fastest time down the course: 13:59 (Bowdoin, Polcari Men's Open 8+), hometown favorites UMass/Lowell in 14:07 in the same event.

Some Pictures


Directions to the Venue: For the venue location and tips on getting to and from the regatta, visit the DIRECTIONS page.

Course Awareness: Visit the MAPS page for high resolution maps of the course and venue. Coxswains should pay special attention to the Start Area Detail and Notes. Bus and trailer drivers, and parents and friends with motor vehicles should review the Land Traffic Patterns to acquaint yourselves with parking options and basic traffic guidelines.

Parking questions? See the PARKING page. Basic guideline: If it feels illegal, it probably is. Trailers have slightly tougher requirements... See the TRAILERS page.


For details about being a vendor at the Textile, visit our VENDORS page.


Reserve Team Tent space so that you have a known rally point for your team and boosters. Choose from one of three central locations and we'll stake out 10'x10' or 10'x20' space (you provide the tent). Reservations are $75/space for the entire weekend.

Visit the Team Tent Reservation page to secure your space.


TRR Hotel Rates are NOT YET POSTED. Check back soon.

If you're planning to stay overnight, it's worth your while to visit the Hotels and Directions page on this site where our partners at the Greater Merrimack Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau have compiled a list of area hotels that are offering special rates for visitors to the regattas.


Visit the Rules and Regulations page for our best guess on the myriad rules and classifications governing this nutty sport. If you need clarification, write to us and we'll take it up with the appropriate authority.



Tune in to TRR Radio! Live race calls throughout the day.

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