Welcome TRR Vendors

The TRR Committee welcomes vendors in the rowing community who wish to set up their tent at the Textile River Regatta on Sunday. We provide ample space between the boathouse and bathhouse where rowers and guests are concentrated. We also offer advertising on our web sites and ad space in our Event Program at very affordable rates.

The regatta itself brings over 600 boats to the Merrimac River for a great day of racing and fun. Accompanying those boats are the over 3,000 competitors that row them, and a few thousand friends and family, all within a short walk of where we locate the vendor area downriver from the boathouse.

If you can't make it to the regatta, or just wish to increase your exposure to the rowing community, we offer the options of advertising on our MRRA and TRR rowing web sites and in the TRR Event Program. Our web sites generate high traffic, especially in the days before and after the TRR, and your ads are good for a full year from first posting.

Please review the information below, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us for a fast and thorough response. Our email address for vendor relations is located at the bottom of this page.

NOTE: Please note that the TRR has a signed contract with N&D Sports for official TRR merchandise for 2018. Merchandise may not carry any reference to the Textile River Regatta without prior approval from the TRR and N&D Sports.


Tent space or ads can be reserved by selecting one of the options below and paying online, via PayPal or any major credit card, or via check sent in advance of the event. If you pay by check, please make out check to Textile River Regatta Committee and send to:

Textile River Regatta Committee - VENDORS
P.O. Box 1493
Lowell, MA 01852-1493

We have simplified our pricing structure to accommodate the following options:

  • Reservation of a tent space (you must provide your own tent) will automatically include a web ad that will run for one year on the TRR site. All you have to do is send is a graphic and a url address to link to. Or just send us your web link and we will extract your logo or graphic.
  • Reservation of either a web ad (same instructions as above), a print ad (to be run in the event program), or both. If you select a print ad, we require that to be submitted to us no later than 10 days before the Textile River Regatta on 1 October.

Note that online payments using PayPal are processed using our MRRA account and your credit card statement will read from "MRRA" or "Merrimac River Rowing Association". You will receive a receipt via email from PayPal. We do not store any personal or credit card information on our site.

Item Description  Price Pay with PayPal or Credit Card
VTENTWEBAD Vendor Tent Space + Website Ad
Image file PNG or JPEG, 250x250 max pixels. Tent space 10'x10' or 10'x20', write to us if you need special accommodations or a larger area.
VWEBAD Website Ad
Image file PNG or JPEG, 250x250 max pixels.
VPROGAD Event Program Ad
We print and distribute 800+ programs on the day of the regatta. Please include PNG or JPEG image file no larger than 800x800 pixels. The best ads will have your website URL embedded in the image since the paper event programs are not clickable!
VCOMBO2 Vendor Tent Space + Website Ad + Event Program Ad
All of the above combo package.


If your name appears in this list, we have received your request to participate as a vendor for this year's TRR. If you've paid but don't see your name, please check back - the site doesn't update in real time.


01 ... TRR-VTENTWEBAD (Robert Espeseth with email address at 2018-07-27 16:37)

02 ... TRR-VTENTWEBAD (Jessica Crane with email address at 2018-08-06 16:21)

03 ... TRR-VTENTWEBAD (brian hebert with email address at 2018-08-27 09:03)

04 ... TRR-VTENTWEBAD (Fred Konz with email address at 2018-09-15 10:08)

05 ... TRR-VWEBAD (Stephen Aulenback with email address at 2018-09-24 11:45)

06 ... TRR-VPROGAD (Stephen Aulenback with email address at 2018-09-24 11:45)


  • Web ads must be paid for before the regatta if you expect to see your ad on the web site before the high web site traffic periods.  Allow 5 business days to have your ad placed on the site; less if we already have your artwork.   Web ads run for 365 days begining on the day of purchase or placement, whichever is later. Ads run on and (which hosts the Festival Regatta in June).

Details on Tents

  • We mark off an area directly downriver of the boathouse on the day before the regatta, you can set up your tent the morning of the regatta, or late afternoon of the previous day. The tents are all in the final 1000m of the race course and offer a great location near the rowers, guests and normal pedestrian traffic that is popular along this stretch of the boulevard.
  • We reserve a stretch of curb for parking during the regatta specifically for vendors. Note that this area is very heavily trafficked and spots fill up early. A dashboard pass will be reserved for you to pick up at the registration desk. You MUST have a pass on your dashboard or risk towing.
  • Locations will be assigned starting closest to the boathouse, in order of receipt of payment. We do reserve the right to make slight adjustments to this guideline for venue efficiencies.
  • Note that we do NOT provide the tent, only the space. If you need a space larger than 10'x20', please let us know by e-mail.
  • We expect to have a security guard patrolling the boathouse area overnight, but we cannot be responsible for any materials that you leave unattended at any time.

Details on Web Advertising

  • Our two websites, and each generate a substantial amount of qualified traffic from the rowing community.  The TRR web site typically has most of its activity in the days surrounding the TRR, while the MRRA web site is spread more evenly during all of the warm weather months.  Our two websites have had over 35,000 visits and 91,000 page views in the past twelve months ending August 2014.   The TRR site alone will have approximately 12,000 visits in the days around the regatta.
  • Your web ad will be prominently displayed on the main page of the TRR website on a rotating basis where 4 ads are shown at a time. If you don't see your ad on our home page, refresh the page a few times and it should appear.
  • If you have a particular image that should be used, send a link to that image in an email.  If you don't have a preference, we'll take the likeliest image from your web site and create the ad and link for you.  In either case, be sure to specify the URL where you want the click to go -- some people prefer to have a special landing page on their site when a click-thru comes their way.
  • Your ads will run for a full calendar year from starting on the date of payment or deployment, whichever is later.

Event Program Ads

  • We have limited space available in our TRR Event Program on a first-come first-served basis.  If you don't specify otherwise, we will use the obvious image from your web site and show that image along with your company name and web site in the ad. 
  • We print and distribute at least  800 event programs free of charge to participants and guests.
  • No exceptions:  You must let us know if you want an Event Program ad no later than two weeks before the regatta date.


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