Parking at the Textile

All cars must be parked in one of the two lots conveniently located near the venue ($10 on Sunday in the MAIN LOT, FREE in the CORP LOT). Handicapped parking is available on the boulevard near the Boathouse and in the HCP lot near the Beach Launch site. There are no exceptions - there are mercenary towing companies (out of our control) who are on call with free reign to tow cars that are parked on the boulevard or in other areas where they should not be. If you are tempted to park on a side street or in the lot of a nearby business, be aware that the mercenary tow companies have contracts to operate on nearly every square inch outside of the MAIN LOT (Regatta Field) and the CORP LOT (across from SDAFL) where we are permitted to park. If your car has been towed and you contact us to complain, we will send you a link right back to this page.

Car-top drop offs are available near the Boathouse, Beach Launch site and also at the Rourke Ramp (SDAFL) launch site. At the Boathouse and Beach sites, locate a suitable space on the grounds to execute the drop off, keep your car flashers on, and then quickly move your car or SUV to one of the two main lots. It is VITAL that your car doesn't inhibit the arrival of trailers because your space becomes wasted boulevard capacity if two trailers surround you before you move to the parking lot.

Parking Map

Parking Areas

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Additional Notes on Parking

There are many U-Turn opportunities along the boulevard, and they come with a dedicated U-Turn lane. If you see an opening for a U-Turn but it doesn't have a dedicated U-turn lane, then it's not a legal U-turn and you are very likely to get rear-ended if you try to use them. Happens all the time. Please obey traffic laws.

  • Handicap Parking: There are HCP spots very conveniently located to the Boathouse and also the Beach Launch site on the river side of the boulevard. Look for the standard HCP signage and be sure to display your placard to avoid towing.
  • Singles and Doubles Drop Off: You are free to quickly off-load your boat anywhere on the boulevard. Please move quickly and do not inhibit the flow of trailers into the breakdown lane of boulevard. Remove the boat from your car and then move the car to one of the two parking lots. Be sure to tie down your boat to avoid damage from wind.
  • School Buses: Park for free in the CORP LOT across from SDAFL. Note: ABSOLUTELY NO SCHOOL BUS PARKING ON THE BOULEVARD.
  • Trailer Trucks (Cabs): Once you unhitch from your trailer on the boulevard or in the main trailer lot, proceed to the CORP LOT. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR TRUCK ON THE BOULEVARD WITH THE TRAILER. See the more accurate map on the Trailers page that you should read as well. Register your trailer at the Registration desk in the Boathouse so that we can contact you if your trailer needs to be moved.
  • Vendors: Our vendor partners have designated parking on the boulevard adjacent to the vendor area. Upon arrival, go to the check-in desk at the Boathouse to obtain a pass for your vehicle. If you have hired help that is driving by car, they must park their cars in one of the two car lots - they cannot stay in the vendor parking area. The vendor parking area is intended for the easy movement of your inventory and that of the other vendors - space is limited. The vendor parking section of the boulevard is about 100m downriver from the Boathouse, just past the Handicap Parking. You should have received a location map for your tent space that will make it easy for you to put your vehicle near your tent space.
  • Regatta Staff: ALL REGATTA STAFF, VOLUNTEERS AND REFEREES should park in the MAIN LOT across from the Boathouse. Obtain a parking pass from your committee chair to avoid the parking fee.

About the Dry Weather Lot

It may look innocent enough, but if we've had rain (and we have), this muddy swamp becomes a bus and truck black hole that can only be resolved through the use of expensive tow trucks. There are good parts and bad parts in this lot, so be aware that we may fit a limited number of vehicles in the flat portion of this grassy space and may shut it down without notice. Do the smart thing and go straight to the Rourke Ramp Lot which has a nice asphalt surface and is still close to the venue. If your bus or truck becomes stuck in the mud, please find a regatta director who will bring up this web page on his smartphone and show you that you were warned.